Why PIERCE Supports The Texas FFA

PIERCE values integrity, leadership, hard work, passion, innovation, trust and respect. When you meet young people in the FFA you can't help but think of those values. 

Many folks on the PIERCE team have the FFA to thank for skills that serve them to this day. Jeff Pierce learned how to weld in the FFA. In 1976 he put those welding skills to use building the original and still in use PIERCE offices and warehouse. Wade Pierce, Ginger Schaffner, Sheri Hood, Eric Eichorn and many others have their own unique stories and experiences growing up in 4-H and FFA. Their involvement in these organizations are one of the many things that make day to day work at PIERCE enjoyable. 

Since becoming a Texas FFA corporate sponsor in 2016 everyone at PIERCE has an "FFA experience." Hosting LEAD teachers, attending the VATAT conference and Texas FFA convention each year have all been truly delightful experiences. These events have expanded our knowledge, growth and appreciation for the future of agriculture, our young people and the FFA.

We support students and teachers through scholarships, contests, discounts and project support. We are excited about a world where the FFA continues to grow and thrive.