Kaufman Trailer, Proud to Sell the Pierce Brand

Kaufman Trailer, Proud to Sell the Pierce Brand

For Kaufman Trailer, reputation is everything. They’ve been an industry leader in trailer manufacturing since they were founded in 1987. With several locations across the U.S. and more in the works, this ever-expanding company maintains a focus on customer satisfaction.

“Our motto is a high-quality trailer, factory direct,” says Shane Henderson, general manager of Kaufman’s Beaver City, Neb., branch.

The Nebraska branch that Henderson oversees has more than 40 employees, manufactures about 1,000 trailers a year and brings in $14 million annually. They sell PIERCE winches as an upgrade option, offering the PSW654-8K for heavy-duty trailers and the PS6000 for lighter-duty trailers. Kaufman incorporates Lodar and PIERCE wireless controls with the winches for maximum efficiency.

Henderson has been with Kaufman for 17 years, working his way up from building trailers to branch managing. As someone who understands every side of the business, Henderson knows the importance of partnering with the right people for their parts.

“Our reputation’s on the line with it,” he says. “We don’t want to put something on there that we don’t feel comfortable selling to the customer. You know how the Internet is now, [with] a lot of negative feedback on a product.”

Henderson says the PIERCE product gives him peace of mind with his customer and with upholding the Kaufman reputation: “We definitely want to build a trailer that’s going to last. We don’t want something that’s going to break down in a year or so…One of the reasons we’ve stuck with [PIERCE] is because the quality…From my point of view, these winches seem to hold up.”

Henderson says he also appreciates that with PIERCE when a customer has a question about a winch, he can get an answer quickly from Chris Claeys, his PIERCE sales rep, who directs Henderson to the right person.

That’s not always the case with other companies, says Henderson. “You email somebody that’s in charge and [they say], ‘Yeah, I’ll take care of it,’ but then they never relay the message down or handle it… I’ve never had that issue with PIERCE. It’s always been great customer service down there.”

To learn more about Kaufman Trailer, visit them at KaufmanTrailerParts.com