What “Pulling for You” Means To PIERCE

What “Pulling for You” Means To PIERCE

At PIERCE, our slogan is pulling for you. We chose this slogan carefully because to us, pulling for you isn’t just a catchy tagline. It’s an extension of who we are as a company, a family and as individuals.

Here’s what pulling for you really means to us:


Whenever someone tells you, “Hey, I’m pulling for you,” you know that person is with you. You feel encouraged, appreciated and supported. When you see our slogan, know that’s exactly what we mean. We’re here for you. We encourage you. We support you.



Pulling is an action word. You exert force when you pull for someone. It takes intentional effort. At PIERCE, we are proactive with our business, with our customers and with our lives. Doing something is the only way to get it done.



If you want the world to know you are pulling for something or someone, you have to be in there every day actively declaring and doing the things it takes to pull. It’s not always pretty work, but we know that consistency pays off.



A cause, a job, a relationship—pulling for someone is selfless and unconditional. You don’t need someone’s permission to pull for them. You can pull for someone without them even knowing it. It’s a service that requires a team ready and willing to serve.

So, what does this mean for us day in and day out? It means late-night work. Answering customer emails on the weekends. Giving a two-week advance to an ill employee. Doing the small tasks that go unnoticed. Choosing to support and encourage, even on the hard days.

In our company and in our families, we have seen how pulling for someone changes everything. Working hard and selflessly, not giving up on each other—this is what leads to success. This is why we show up to work every day. This is why PIERCE is pulling for you.