Q. Do I need the standard or the heavy duty cattle siren?

Both the standard and heavy duty PIERCE cattle siren reach cattle as far away as one mile.

This product brings innovation on how to feed cattle. Most cattle are naturally attracted to the sound of the siren. If some of the herd don’t initially respond the first feeding will cure that. We, at PIERCE, know that as long as they can associate feed with a siren, they will keep coming to it. 

Here we look at the heavy duty and standard cattle siren what are the differences? Which one will work best for your application?

Standard Cattle Siren:

  • 105 db max volume
  • 2 minute max run time
  • 6 month warranty

Heavy Duty Cattle Siren:

  • 120 db max volume
  • 10 minute max run time
  • 2 year warranty

The differences in the standard cattle siren and the heavy duty cattle siren are easy to see. The heavy duty boasts a louder siren that runs for 8 minutes longer than the standard, as well as sounding a bit louder. We suggest the heavy duty siren for daily use. If you’re using the siren a couple times a week the standard should suit your needs.

Q. Where should I mount the cattle siren?

A. It can be mounted to a car, truck, SUV, ATV, UTV or tractor (not recommended for bicycles). It can be mounted to virtually any 12v vehicle. Keep mounting away from tires, and places where low lying tree branches or brush could damage it. For more read our article: "Installing the PIERCE cattle siren."

Q. How are the dimensions of the PIERCE standard and heavy duty cattle siren?

A. Standard - 6.13" x 5" x 5"  |  Heavy Duty - 6.33" x 4.5" x 4.5"

Q. How far does the siren sound travel?

A. There are a number of variables to consider when answering this question. Wind, weather, terrain, and other factors will contribute to how far the sound travels. Read on for how loud the cattle siren is.

Q. How loud is the cattle siren?

A. The standard cattle siren sounds is at 105 db. The heavy duty siren sounds in at 135 db. To give you an idea of how loud that is standing a few feet away from a power mower comes in at 107 db while a jet engine from 100 feet away is 140 db.

Q. How do I maintain the cattle siren?

A. Occasionally check to make sure there is no debris in the fan by carefully inspecting the PIERCE cattle siren.