How to Wire Your Universal Wired Remote

Wire your Pierce universal wired remote –Gather the list of tools below, identify your wires, and follow the easy steps. This article also includes information to troubleshoot your remote wiring.

Take a look at the wiring for a Pierce bale spike using the CP077K remote and PM-3554-0131 Bucher pump:

Gather your tools: 

  • 1/2 inch nut driver to connect the hot wire (Green)

  • 3/8 nut driver to connect the activator wire (Black)

  • 11/32 nut driver to connect the F2 wire (White)

  • Remote: CP077K –  It’s the two button remote with master output with a 4 wire controller with a 20 ft long cord

  • Pump: PM-3554-0131 – It’s a 12V two-way Bucher pump 


Identify your wires:

GREEN wire is a hot 12V wire and goes to the ½” nut on solenoid.

BLACK wire is the master it goes to the 3/8” nut on the solenoid.

WHITE wire is F2 it goes to the post on the coil 11/32” nut.

RED wire is F1 (NOTE: it is not used in the bale spike application).


How to wire your universal wired remote:

1 – Disconnect power. Remove the nut on the hot post, put the green 14 gauge wire on the post. Tighten the nut.

2 – Take the nut off the activator post and install the black wire. Use the 3/8 nut driver. Place the nut back on and tighten.

3 – Remove the nut on the coil post and install the red wire and tighten back nut, using the 11/32 nut wire.


If your remote is not working:

If the pump is wired incorrectly it may not work at all. If your wires are in the wrong spot you may only be able to go down but cannot go back up. Check to make sure you followed the instructions and placed all wires correctly.

If you hook one of the wires to a ground accidentally you will get a direct short. Most commonly, a miswired remote will give you no movement or movement in one direction. 

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