PIerce PS6000 Winch Installation on a Top Hat Trailer

This 6,000 lb. winch is installed on a TopHat car hauling trailer. We fabricated our own mount for the winch using quarter inch plate. The rest of the installation is standard. Four gauge wire connectors (ASTC9034) were bolted to the trailer tongue for quick battery connection. The connector indicates the positive and negative fields.PS6000 Installation Overview on TopHat Trailer:

Step 1 - Mount Fabrication

Pierce Arrow Standard base mount winch. It uses a standard 4 ½” by 10” bolt pattern that is very standard in the industry.

Step 2 - Install Roller Guide

We are installing the roller guide first. This will be to facilitate the ease of access to the backside of the bolts. Once the winch is in place it will be a little bit tight so we will put a roller guide on first.

Step 3 – Winch Installation

Bolt the winch down to a flat plate. I recommend using at least ¼” thick bolts. We would like to use 3/8” when it’s available. However, 1/4” bolts on a 6000lb. winch are sufficient. The thimble and the sledge will not go between the rollers in the roller guide.  

Step 4 – Reinstall the Roller Guide

Reinstall the roller in the roller guide by placing the rollers in the rolling frame. Slide the shaft through the roller frame and reinstall the spring clip.

Step 5 – Hook Installation

The hook that is supplied is a clevis slip hook with a safety latch and it will need to be installed to the end of the cable.

Electrical Connections

The ground and the hot wire, as with all of our winches and hydraulic pumps needs to make a complete circuit uninterrupted to the batter. We will be using a quick connect plug in that is large enough to handle the amperage of this winch.

Step 1 – Quick Connect Installation (ASTC9034)

The connector has metal contacts that have to be installed at the end of the cables. In this video you will see they are being crimped with a manual crimper but they can also be soldered.

Step 2 - There is no male and female connection on this particular part. So the mating part that will be attached off of the towed vehicle will look identical. It’s the same part number. Mount it securely to the trailer tongue it can be plugged and unplugged by hand

Completed Project

You will now see the completed project after the installation. You see that it is compact and out of the way. The remote control will plug right into the top of the winch into the weather proof control box assembly that comes pre-installed on the winch.


Please note: This is intended to be a maintenance overview, not an exact step by step process. Are you wondering how to properly complete maintenance on your winch motor? Read on or watch the video below.