Testing Your PS654 Winch Motor

We’re going to show how to test a standard, heavy duty, and a faulty motor. If your system is not working and you know your solenoids are good, but clicking then your motor is the culprit. Read the transcription below of our “Testing Your PS654 Winch Motor” video. 

Standard Motor:

PS654 Winch Motor Test

We have a standard duty motor (PS534) loose from a winch, strapped down to a piece of channel iron because there is a lot of torque in these motors. When you put power to it, it will spin one way or the other.

  1. First thing you want to do is add a ground. You can’t get a good clamp on this casing, so I screwed in a bolt and that will give us our ground. A screw driver connecting one field to the armature can also be used.
  2. What we’re going to do is put power from one of the two field terminals and we’re going to jump the other terminal back to the armature post. So we will jump from F2 to the armature post and then put power to F1. It starts working this motor is good.
  3. To test that the motor works in both directions, we will do this in the opposite direction. We will jump from F1 to the armature post and we will put power on F2. You can tell this motor is good now as well in both directions.


Heavy Duty Motor:

Heavy Duty Winch Motor Test

You can see the posts are a little bit different. Instead of having the two posts in the front and one in the rear, you’ve got one at the front and two at the rear.

  1. The armature post is the one furthest away from the shaft at the back end of the motor. You’re going to ground the casing as you would on any other motor and use a bolt that will hook up our ground.
  2. We’re going to run a jumper from F2 back to the armature, then we’re going to put 12 volt power to F1.
  3. We will do the same thing jumping from F1 to the armature and we will put our power to F2. You can see this motor is working.


Signs of Replacement:

Signs of Winch Motor Replacement

In case you do have a bad motor, here is how you test for it:

  1. You will ground the case as shown before, jump from F1 or F2 to the armature and put power to the other that you have not put the jumper on.
  2. When you put power to it, it’s either going to: run sluggish, make a lot of bad sounds or you’re going to have a direct short.
  3. So, we will put power to it, and you will see we have a direct short. It doesn’t spin, as soon as you put power to it – it’s very hot. This motor is bad. You can have them rebuilt. Sometimes they do last a while, sometimes they don’t. The best option is just to replace.


Tips When Replacing Your Motor:


In case you do have to replace your motor, it’s important to:

  1. Put the O ring down on the motor shaft seated all the way down. Put your woodruff key in, and put your gear on the shaft.
  2. You want to put this gear all the way down not so tight that it won’t let you turn the shaft on the motor, just down tight enough. A lot of people try to put if flush to the end of the shaft that is not correct, you want it all the way down the shaft. When running the gear at the end of the shaft it will interfere with the other gears in your housing and create a lot of metal shavings inside your housing which will damage it further.
  3. A very important step is when you’re putting your set screw in, use a little bit of locktight on it. You don’t want this set screw coming out of your gear and running around in your gear case, if that happens you will have to replace all of your gears. Just put a little bit of lock tight in there and you are good to go.  

Great job testing your Pierce PS654 winch motor! Click the video link below to watch winch motor tests in this step-by-step process. 

Please note: This is intended to be an installation overview, not an exact step by step process. Before you begin read the manual directions, and follow all the safety precautions. Do not install this kit if you do not have the expertise or equipment. It is better to find a licensed converter than to put your equipment or self in danger.


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