Winch Options for Car Haulers

You have lots of winch options, but not just any winch will do when it comes to professional car hauling. Here we explain why worm gear winches are your best bet for car haulers. Car haulers deal with issues not faced by other winch users. You need to have control, operate safely, and have time to react.


We suggest using a worm gear as your car hauler winch for the following reasons:

  • Safety
  • Allows for reaction time
  • 100% fail proof brake

PIERCE offers these electric, and hydraulic winch options for car haulers we:

  • PS654-8K | Pierce Electric Worm Gear | 8″ Drum | 9,000 lb. capacity
  • PS654-11K | Pierce Electric Worm Gear | 11″ Drum | 9,000 lb. capacity
  • PS654-8MK | Pierce Electric Worm Gear | 8″ Drum | 12,500 lb. capacity
  • PS654-11MK | Pierce Electric Worm Gear | 11″ Drum | 12,500 lb. capacity 
  • PS654-8HK | Pierce Hydraulic Worm Gear | 8″ Drum | 9,000 lb. capacity
  • PS654-11HK | Pierce Hydraulic Worm Gear | 11″ Drum | 9,000 lb. capacity

Do you have winch fails or wins? Comment on our Facebook wall with the hashtag #winchfail or #winchwin. Safe winching!

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