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You have a lot of choices when you’re in the market for equipment. We  hope to make your decision easier by providing hardworking, long lasting products.

When you consider that PIERCE gives you great pricing and unmatched customer support, the choice is clear – PIERCE products can last for decades and so does the relationship. Why PIERCE? Here is what you can expect when you do business with PIERCE

Durability and Dependability

  • We are in the business of helping you. Part of helping you is manufacturing high quality products that work. PIERCE products have been in the field since the early 80s and many of our original winches and bale spikes are still working hard. We have seen companies come and go in this business; but, PIERCE is here to stay and pull for you for decades to come. 


  • We put the customer first by choosing to keep our overhead as low as possible. Low overhead equals a lower retail price above all we strive to keep our pricing consistently competitive with the market. 

Support and Service

  • The PIERCE customer is made up of hardworking, hard playing men and women who require their equipment to work. They are working in the field, on the side of the road, on the job, in rural communities or in the wilderness. When issues arise, which they do at times, we are committed to excellent and prompt customer service.
  • Our team is available throughout the week – just call us! For information and help outside of business hours, log on to our YouTube channel for helpful video or check out our articles and additional resources. 


  • Our team is experienced, efficient, and dedicated to making sure your experience with PIERCE exceeds expectations. We have been in business for over 30 years and many of our employees have been with us for most of the journey.

Replacement Parts

  • Need a solenoid for your 1990’s Desert Dynamic winch? We’ve got you covered. PIERCE products aren’t “disposable” – they are built to last and be maintained. When your PIERCE product needs a part or won’t start, we are here to get you that part ASAP and help you troubleshoot your PIERCE equipment. You can find PIERCE replacement parts here.

Quick Shipping

  • If a dealer doesn’t have your winch, no problem. We dropship all orders by the next business day. That’s a 24 hour turnaround! We tell him not to, but in many instances our winch manager Chris Claeys is answering emails from home and ready to fulfill orders first thing in the morning.


  • “RESPECT” is the number one reason to do business with PIERCE. You have specific needs and we want to be helpful to you. When problems need solving we will listen to the issues and offer solutions. We respect the hardwork you do day in and day out. From the heat of the oil field to the danger of off highway recovery, you do great things and it would be a pleasure to work with you.

Doing business with PIERCE isn’t just a transaction it’s a relationship, and one we take maintaining seriously. We look forward to your business and your feedback.Wade_Pierce_2

More Questions?

Just call Wade, PIERCE Sales Manager

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