Who Can Install the Pierce Dump Bed Kit?

Many dump bed kit owners find themselves at a loss when it comes to installing the dump bed kit. This can be frustrating especially when your livelihood depends on it. 

If you choose not to do the hydraulic dump bed kit installation yourself, we have found two types of businesses that typically have the expertise required to install the Pierce hydraulic dump kit. Take a look at the options:

  • Body shop
  • Machine shop/welder

Wondering how to find a professional and reputable body or machine shop? The key is a little research. Below we have done a bit of the footwork for you. While the following criteria do not guarantee a positive experience it can help identify shops with experience and a history of good work.

Body Shop – Criteria

1. Certifications – Is the shop is certified by one or more of the following?

2. Insurance – Does the shop carry the following insurance?

  • Garage Liability

  • Garagekeepers

There are many resources for best practices when choosing the right body shop you can check out our favorites here: Angie’s list “Advice on finding a reputable body auto body shop” and The ASE “How to choose the right body shop”

Machine Shop – Criteria

Unlike body shops machine shops and fabricators often specialize in many different areas of business from construction, to car and trailer body welders to artists. Find one in your area by following these guidelines:

1. Research – Google is your best bet when looking for a local welder or fabricator with experience. Search keywords along with your location to find one near you.

2. Reputation – Speak to colleagues and friends for recommendations.

Whether you choose to DIY dump kit installation or hire someone else Pierce offers complete instructions (download them here) and numerous videos to assist.


Is a dump bed kit conversion right for you? Download our dump bed kits comparison guide. It compares dump kits, trailers, and trucks to determine the right fit for you.

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Watch: Stock Dump Bed Kit Installation Overview, Light Duty Dump Bed Kits Installation

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