What do I do when my truck horn burns up?

We all know the feeling. Maybe while on you’re way to the ranch you got stuck behind the car full of people that think it’s time for a Sunday drive. Or maybe you honked the horn a couple … um, twelve times. Now it’s time to feed cattle and your horn isn’t working. You’ve checked the wiring and said some prayers but nothing is working. When the question is, “what do I do when my truck horn burns up?” The answer is: a Pierce cattle siren or a truck horn replacement. 

You can find a truck horn replacement at your local dealership or body shop. Or you can pick up a Pierce cattle siren at your nearest Pierce dealer. Let’s look at the differences between the two options:

Horn replacement:

  1. Horn – $80 to $100 depending on the make and model of your vehicle.
  2. Labor – $100 – $150 depending on local pricing.
  3. No warranty included
  4. The sound will not reach far into the pasture for cattle calling
  5. Not intended for calling in cattle

The standard or heavy duty Pierce truck siren:

  1. Do-it-yourself mounting
  2. Low price tag – Heavy duty siren suggested retail is $160
  3. Warranty included
  4. Louder than a horn replacement, for feeding cattle
  5. Install on a car, truck, RTV or ATV

Is the standard or heavy duty siren best for you?  Check out our article, “which cattle siren is right for You?” Here’s a quick glance at the differences:

  • Standard Siren is a great option for if you’re just checking sounding the siren a few times a week. Warrantied for 6 months.
  • Heavy Duty Siren is for daily usage, able to reach up to a mile away. Warrantied for two years. 

Originally designed to call in cattle for feeding, the Pierce siren can be used to replace your car or truck horn. It’s an excellent option whether you have livestock or not.

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