Visiting Rider, 2015 Pierce FFA Chapter Challenge Winner

Rider pulled out all the stops to win the 2015 Pierce FFA Chapter Challenge. Though they placed second in the 2014 competition, they were determined to win in 2015. We wanted to congratulate them on a job well done and deliver their prize, a 1T Pierce chain hoist.

Check out some of the pictures from our visit:

rider ffa

Students learning electrical skills.

FFA students work together to hastily finish an electrical assignment. Within minutes, several of these wooden frames work in working order. The light bulb turn on at the switch mounted to the frame.

rider ffa

Showing off FFA projects.

It’s always fun to see what the students can make. Pictured above is a metal sign for a local supporter.

rider ffa winners of 2015 pierce ffa chapter challenge

The plaque.

No competition is complete without a framed award.

rider ffa

This baby is gonna be replaced!

Rider’s hand operated chain hoist will be replaced with the new 1T chain hoist – Rider’s prize for winning the 2015 FFA Chapter Challenge. The chain hoist’s final home will be at the Career and Technical Education Center, a $35.75 million dollar building expected to open in 2017.

rider ffa winners of 2015 pierce ffa chapter challenge

Hooray! We won!

Students gather from Steve Davis’ 3rd period class to receive the 2015 Pierce FFA Chapter Challenge award.

Great job guys! We truly enjoyed the visit and are looking forward to a chance to see the chain hoist at work!

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