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If VaxMate saves one cow or calf by keeping your vaccines effective, it has more than paid for itself. If you are looking for new vet supplies or to update your BQA program, VaxMate is a great complement during cattle chute operation. Just set your temperature gauge, pre-charge your cooler by using ice or heat; and pack your cattle vaccine and go.


Gun holsters offer 45 degree angle to protect vaccine inbetween injections. Plus, the rotomolded design deflects UV light.


Includes a thermometer with programmable alarm system. Set at the recommended temperature range.


Food grade and corrosion resistant for easy and quick clean up when using bleach. The holsters and tray and stainless steel.


Rotomolded to protect vaccines and VaxMate in the harshest conditions. Will preform in the heat or cold.


Most frequent questions and answers

VaxMate is a rotomolded cooler designed by ranchers for ranchers and veterinarians. The PIERCE VaxMate cools livestock vaccines at controlled temperatures during transport and application. The stainless steel instrument tray and syringe holders protect vaccination syringes and vaccines from the heat, cold and UV light during vaccine administration. An alarm sounds when internal temperature goes above or below the set temperature. The alarm can be set to trigger at different temperatures depending on the needs of the vaccine.

An excellent addition to your vet supplies especially when using a cattle chute for your vaccination process. The VaxMate was invented by PIERCE to solve the problem of vaccination degredation and loss in the field.

If vaccinating in the warmer months, fill VaxMate with ice until the temperature gauge shows the desired range. Remove the ice or ice packs and fill with fresh ice. Pre-charging ensures your VaxMate will perform as promised. 

The warranty includes 5 years on manufacturer defects. The following are covered for one year: t-handle latch, drain plug, handles and handle grips, syringe gun holder or digital temperature gauge. Proof of  purchase is required for warranty. 



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Learn how VaxMate solves eight common vaccination issues.

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“The cattle industry loses $900 million a year to disease, and vaccines account for approximately $15 per head per year for a typical cow-calf producer, so let’s not waste our money.”Progressive Cattleman

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