Stock Dump Bed Kit Installation Overview

This 2013 F350 long bed truck is being converted using the PIERCE DK2UFK Stock Dump Bed Kit. The installation process may be different depending on the year, model and make of the vehicle. Continue reading for extra considerations, tools you will need, step-by-step instructions, and the installation video.

NOTE: Do not install the PIERCE hydraulic dump kit if you do not have the expertise or equipment. It is better to find a licensed converter than put your equipment and self in danger. Modifications may be necessary on some trucks makes and models. We are happy to provide phone support, give us a call with any questions.

The 2013 F350 4×4 long bed truck requires the following extra considerations:

1. Gas filler adjustments.

2. Bumper modifications.

3. Offset scissor by 2-3 inches.

4. Notch chassis’ frame.

Your DK2UFK Stock Dump Bed Kit Includes:

  1. Scissor assembly with cylinder
  2. Hinges and hinge arms
  3. Lower frame and frame angles
  4. Stiffener plate
  5. Guides
  6. Gas filler brackets and filler extension
  7. Hydraulic, hardware, and electrical kits
  8. Bucher 12V hydraulic pump with pump bracket


Step 1 – Get started by disconnecting all bed wiring, hoses, and bed bolts. Remove anything that connects to the bed like the bumper, gas filler, spare tire and cross arm.

Step 2 – There are two frame cuts at the rear of the right and left frame members. Make a rectangular cut to allow the horizontal 3/8” thickness of the hinge arm to recess into the frame, allowing the bed to fit flush with the frame. It is about ¾ of an inch by 2 inch seconds that cut for the welded spacer nut on the hinge. It’s about ¾ of an inch in radius with some of that circular clearance extending off the back edge of the frame. Grind the metal until smooth.

Step 3 – There is an extra emissions tank so the installer offset the lower frame. Most 2004-13 Fords may require the scissors to be 2-3 inches off the center line toward the passenger side depending on the fuel tank clearance. Clamp the lower frame onto the chassis to the middle and front cross member. Drill the holes in the middle frame cross member, then bolt the lower frame.

Step 4 – The scissor fits between the lower and upper frames. Using the lower shaft, connect the scissor to the lower frame. Secure with cotter pins.

Step 5 – Bolt the hinge arm to the bed. Prop up the truck bed. Open the scissor; bolt the scissor to the upper frame hinge. Bolt the upper frame hinge to the upper frame. The upper frame is clamped to the bed frame.

Step 6 – Drill out the upper frame bolt holes. Clamp the upper frame reinforcement to the beds upper crossmember. Drill out the upper frame reinforcement hole. Secure the upper frame in the reinforcement with bolts and self-locking nuts.

**Before moving forward do a dry run; make sure the dump operates correctly.**

Step 7 – Some 2004-13 Fords require modification to the gas filler location. If so, the fuel filler extension, ½” x 9″ x 22″, is used to extend the filler to the wheel well. Then, the fuel tank can be fueled from the wheel well opening without raising the bed. If the filler is just shortened without using the extension, then it is necessary to raise the bed a short distance to fill the tank. Disconnect the gas tank strap, shorten it, and weld the bolts to the trucks lower frame.

Step 8 – Bolt the L bracket to the trucks frame on the passenger’s side. Drill out the holes and bolt in place. Be sure to stay clear of any electrical wiring.

Step 9 – Mount the Bucher power up / gravity down pump to the L bracket and bolt in place.

Step 10 – Move the pump coil. Seal the 90 degree fitting with Teflon paste and attach to the pump and hose. Run the hydraulic hose to the cylinder inside the scissor. Reinstall the pump coil and tighten the nut.

Step 11 – Wiring Electrical Connections:

Wire the BLACK or negative to the pump L bracket nut.

Wire the YELLOW to the small solenoid post.

Wire the GREEN to the pump coil.

Wire the RED or positive to the large solenoid post.

Route the wiring under the vehicle and secure with zip ties or electrical tape every 12 inches. Connect the pump’s black and red cables to the battery. Install the 150 amp breaker by connecting the two red cables to the battery and pump solenoid.

Step 12 – The last step is to connect the yellow and green wires to the toggle switch that will be mounted to the dash.

Installation Complete – The PIERCE hydraulic dump bed kit is now installed. Do a dry run before using the dump kit in the field. 

Helpful Links:

Stock Dump Bed Kit Wiring Diagram

Stock Dump Bed Kit Installation Overview Manual

Note: Some PIERCE dump kits do not allow the user to utilize the stock bumper due to the dump kits required overhang. There are several modifications that can be done however. The installer creatively decided to invert the bumper and fill in the opening with diamond plate. Their crafty solution allows the tail gate to clear the bumper when the dump is engaged.

Read More: Manuals, Specification Sheets, Control Wiring Diagrams, Pump Wiring Diagrams

Stock Dump Bed Kit Installation Overview Video:


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