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Pulling Together

A message from PIERCE – Pulling Together

Did your sibling have a geiger counter in their room? Did your brother know the time of day and places in your house where the most natural radiation is occurring? Mine did. Philip has always been a planner and intuitively understood science, history and about anything else interesting. As coworkers, I’d like to say we keep it professional but I’m as guilty as anyone of reverting to sibling rivalry and teasing when it comes to his overzealous approach to preparedness.

When the COVID-19 virus was merely a small news article out of China, Philip was already taking action. He isn’t a doomsday prepper, he’s just one of those people who can connect the dots faster than most. I asked him how he knew to order what I call the “Stormtrooper” gun, a device that hospitals use to spray down their equipment and offices.  His response was that after the H1N1 scare and the pop up of the Novel CoronaVirus in Wuhan China, it was better to take it seriously and be over-prepared than caught off guard should one start spreading rapidly.

What PIERCE is doing now:

The PIERCE team is here answering your calls, fulfilling, and shipping your orders pulling together in this rapidly changing time.

  • Daily Evaclean system to sanitize every square inch of the PIERCE facilities. This activity is ongoing and indefinite.
  • Saturday, March 7th– Philip started spraying everything down in our office from computers to boxes.
  • Tuesday, March 10th –  We implemented Phase I.
  • Monday, March 16th – Strictly following and monitoring the CDC guidelines and preparing to help how we can.
  • Tuesday, March 17th – Executed Phase II of Philip’s plan.
  • Friday, March 20th – Complete and execute COVID – 19 communication to employees, customers, and all stakeholders.

We understand many of our products are essential to keeping equipment running, whether on the ranch or on the road. Our team is doing all they can to ensure our service to you is, as always, exceptional.

Encouragement and Hope – Pulling Together:

We find ourselves in a rapidly evolving world where the news can be overwhelming. I would like to offer a bit of perspective and encouragement.  Some people are hoarding toilet paper and someone in our small-town bought up nearly all of the milk. (They do realize it spoils quickly?). Others are worried about the economy, their retirement, their jobs, the virus and loved ones who may be separated.  There is no shortage of worries. If you think about it though, we have always lived with worries and risks. Many have similar experiences but I would like to share just a brief bit of insight in what I learned about worry in 2016-2017.

At thirty-two years old, I was easily in the best shape of my life.  I had picked up the habit of biking 100+ miles a week along with eating healthy.  My second child, my son, had just been born and things were moving along great. Over the next year and a half though, I began to lose strength in my hand as well as my legs making it difficult to walk.

My wife and I spent that time trying not to worry but the picture became bleaker every week.  No doctor could tell us what was wrong, just to wait and see what happened so then we could know what it was.  Fast forward, as I was headed down to the ALS clinic in Houston, I was actually so burnt out from worrying, I gave it up then and there.  For me, my faith in God, allowed me to give up that worry.

I was diagnosed that week, not with ALS thankfully, but a much less bleak motor neuron disease called PLS or primary lateral sclerosis.  It is similar but much slower and thus less lethal. I cannot walk very far today, my tongue gets heavy from talking, and it seems every muscle is worn out when I wake up each day.

If this disease had not come when it did I would not have experienced the fullness of life the way I have been able to.  I still work, although mostly remotely, and am practicing social distancing since I am high risk. My physical abilities are a tenth of what they were before the disease and I use a powered wheelchair to get around. Some people believe this makes my life to be less but for me, it’s a gift.  It has taught me more about life, family, and what matters than I would have ever learned or paid attention to before.

Pulling Together and Moving Forward:

We don’t know what the future holds for ourselves, our community, or our country going forward.  Your life will most likely, if not already be bombarded with worry, concern, and uncertainty that you may not have experienced before.  I encourage you to take this opportunity to look at what there is to appreciate, who there is to help serve and use this time to reset things that maybe have been distractions from what matters most to you.  I have told everyone at our office before, we are responsible for creating the culture we want to work in. It is also true for each of us in our communities. I hope this message encourages you as we all persevere through this together, and come out better than we were on the other side as a stronger community.

We are pulling for you.

Wade Pierce and the PIERCE Team

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