Twist Locks

simply twist to lock and latch your application into place.

twist lock

Pierce Twist Locks

  • Pierce twist locks (also called plunger latches) latch, lock and secure.
  • Two options available – weldable or threaded.
  • The threaded version can be removed with a wrench.
  • To install the locks, drill the appropriate hole for the latch and then weld (or twist) the corresponding lock or nut in place.
  • twist locks
  • welded twist lock
  • nut for twist locks
  • threaded twist lock

Product Line

Welded Twist Locks

P030SN – 1/2”

P032N – 5/8”

P030N – ¾”

P031N – 1”

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Threaded Twist Locks

P030SNT – ½”

P032NT – 5/8”

P030NT – ¾”

P031NT – 1”

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Twist Locks
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twist locks