2T Dump Bed Kits

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hydraulic dump kit

PIERCE 2T Dump Kits

"Nothing but cheers from me and others when I say I only load once." - Michael, MA

  • Made in Texas
  • Includes hardware, electrical connections, hydraulic connections and Bucher hydraulic pump.
  • Convert your existing work truck into a dump truck with our hidden dump bed kit.
  • 45 degree dump angle.
  • Technical service during the installation process. Call us at 800-658-6301.
  • Replacement parts available.
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Product Line

2T Dump Bed Kit

Load Capacity: 4,000 lbs.

Pump Pressure: 2,250 psi

Maximum Angle: 45 degrees

Dumping Time: 10 seconds

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PIERCE 2T Dump Kit Installation Overview
Watch the 2T Dump Kit installation overview. With a testimonial from Hollywood landscaper, David Charvet.
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"I have had the kit for over 10 years on my 2500 GMC. I've only re-sealed the cylinder in all the years."

- Michael • Maryland