PIERCE Hydraulic Bolt In Hay Bale Spike
Bolt in Bale Spike

Bolt in Bale Spike

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We reconfigured the PIERCE bolt in bale spike for those who need to haul a gooseneck trailer without dismounting the bale spike. Just remove the bale spears and connect your trailer to the gooseneck ball. Haul up to 2,500 lbs. of hay.

Product Includes:

  • 12V power up / power down hydraulic pump.
  • 20′ water resistant remote (Magnets included to easily mount your remote to metal surfaces)
  • Electrical quick disconnects
  • 200amp breaker.
  • Spears/Spikes

Cylinder Specifications:

  • PSI: 3,000
  • Urethane U-cup piston seals
  • Ductile iron head gland Included
  • For rugged performance all rods are induction hardened before chrome plating,
  • For best seal lubrication and longevity the cylinder tube is honed, not burnished.
  • 3″ Bore
  • 16″ Stroke
  • 1.5″ Rod
  • #8 SAE Ports


  • The PIERCE Hydraulic Hay Bale Spike is covered under a two-year warranty.

Operating the Bale Spike:

  • Bale spikes and spears when used properly in pairs, with the hay bale fully impaled on the spikes for the purpose of handling and transporting hay bales have proven to be very reliable for their intended purpose.



Additional information

Additional Information

Weight 425 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 42 × 20 in


ABS1K ABS2K User Manual
ABS2K Spec Sheet


Bolt-in Bale Spike Installation (ABS2K)

Bolt-in Bale Spike Installation (ABS2K) Cover
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Whats the difference between the two PIERCE Bale Spikes?

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