Forged Bale Spear



Forged Bale Spear:

This PIERCE manufactured forged bale spear fits the ABS1K & ABS2K bale spikes and measures 1 and 5/16″ x 47″. The pin hole diameter measures 1/2.”

Bale spikes and spears, when used properly in pairs, with the hay bale fully impaled on the spikes, have proven to be very reliable for their intended purpose of handling and transporting hay bales.


Spike/Spears are not covered under any warranty against bending, breakage, or any other damage.

Improper Use Warning: Expected spike/spear failures have occurred when used improperly. If used to lift tractors, pull posts, transport more than one bale per pair of spikes, lift a bale of hay on the bottom of the stack with hay bales stacked on top, used as rock pickers or transporting bales that are not fully impaled on the spear and resting against the framework holding the spear.

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