Standard Cattle Siren Wiring Kit



Cattle Siren Wiring Kit

This cattle siren wiring kit is for use with the standard or heavy duty PIERCE cattle siren. Wire the momentary push button within the cab and connect the leads to the battery. The kit includes 10 feet of 16 gauge 2 conductor PVC insulated wire, also a 1 push-button switch, ATC/ATO fuse holder, ATC/ATO fuse, ring and push-on terminals, and butt connectors.

Wiring Kit Specifications


  • Wire meets SAE spec J1128
  • Temperature rating: 194F Rated to 50V DC


  • Nickel plating with a black phenolic plastic base,
  • Mounting hole .500 diameter ATC/ATO fuse holder
  • Water tight body with a water resistant cap
  • 6 GPT wire, Rated to 32V DC
  • FUSE 40 Amp ATC/ATO Fuse Rated to 32V DC
  • Meets or exceeds OEM and SAE standards


  • Premium performance nylon insulated
  • Heatless, weather resistant butt connectors.

Wiring kit only compatible with Standard Duty Cattle Siren: PCH324

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