Bucher 2 Way Pump



Bucher 2 Way Pump Overview

The Bucher 2 way pump is a power up – hold – power down circuit two way pump with a 6.75 x 6.75 x 15 poly reservoir (540 cu. in. usable).  The pump has 9/16th’s SAE o-ring ports and adjustable relief at 2,500 psi, as well as low pressure relief at 600 psi. Features 2.00 gpm PCFC to control down speed. Horizontal mount. Delivers 1.25 gpm at 1750 psi. The pump does not include a remote. Click here to view controls.

Why Bucher?

Units are manufactured in the USA. They receive 100% unit and pump testing on computer-operated test stands. These ISO9001 certified Pump parts are machined to very tight tolerances to increase efficiency. Bucher is customer-oriented with high quality customer service (Less than 1% warranty returns).

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