6,000 lb Recovery Winch

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This is a 6,000 lb recovery winch – The PS6000 features a heavy duty motor with high ampere resistance and output strength; zinc alloy gearbox; a three stage planetary gear speed reduction system; super torque strength; mechanical safety brake system for large loading. PS series winches are easy to operate and maintain. Four-way steel wire guide wheel allows multidirectional wire rope input.


Includes wire rope, safety hook, snatch block, P040N 11′ toggle switch remote, roller guide and electrical leads.

Compatible Parts

  • PIERCE 2 Function Toggle Switch Remote Control with No Wire

    PIERCE Toggle Switch Remote

    $24.99$39.95 P040-REMOTE
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  • Safety Cutoff Switch

    Safety Cutoff Switch

    $24.99 PS025
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  • Winch Mount Receiver Hitch Up To 20K

    Winch Mount Receiver Hitch for up to 20K

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  • Planetary Winch Cover

    Planetary Winch Cover

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  • Plug for PS528N Solenoid Assembly

    Plug for PS528N Solenoid Assembly

    $5.99 PSP
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  • Compact Solenoid Assembly

    Compact Solenoid Assembly

    $136.20 PS528N
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  • 3T Snatch Block without Hook

    3T Snatch Block without Hook

    $9.59 PLB1020M
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  • 3 Post Motor for PS6000 Recovery Winch

    Motor for PS6000 (3 Post)

    $102.99 PSM6-3
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  • Placeholder

    Motor for PS6000, PS9000, PS12000

    $102.99 PSM912
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  • Cable Tensioner for Planetary Winches

    Cable tensioner for Planetary Winches

    $57.99 PSCTPS
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  • PIERCE Roller Guide for 6,000 lb Winch

    Roller Guide

    $28.49 RF6000
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Use ratchets and straps for secure points. Winches do not make suitable tie-downs because the gears can be damaged if under continual undulation.

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