20 Quart Roto Molded Cooler

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Best 20 Quart Cooler For The Money

The PIERCE 20 Quart roto molded cooler that offers more than just the basics. At PIERCE, we believe you come first – always. So, we’ve made sure you get all your ice chest accessories included WITH the cooler. Also, we’ve added in some much-needed features like a cutting board, and drain plug. This PIERCE cooler size works as an excellent companion on the road, for lunches, or small picnics. The 20 quart cooler can fit 12 + drinks with room for ice.

Cooler Features

  • Rotomolded
  • Easy Shut Latch Design
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • Tray, Drink Holder, and Cutting Board Included!
  • Drain Plug

Cooler Warranty

  • 5 Year Warranty on Body and Lid
  • 1 Year Warranty on Plug, Latches, Seal, and Valve

Replacement Parts

  • cooler basket

    Cooler Basket

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  • detachable cooler cup holder

    Cooler Cup Holder

    $8.99$9.99 COOLER-HOLDER
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  • cooler divider cutting board

    Cooler Cutting Board

    $10.99$16.99 PCOOL-BOARD
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  • new style cooler drain plug

    Cooler Drain Plug

    $11.00 PCOOL-PLUG-17
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  • new style cooler foot pad

    Diamond Cooler Feet Pads

    $5.99 PCOOL-FOOT-17
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  • new style easy cooler latch

    Quick Release Cooler Latch

    $8.99 PCOOL-LATCH-17
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