PIERCE VaxMate: Top Selling Points

VaxMate protects vaccines from sunlight and other harmful elements that shorten the lifespan of your livestock vaccines. Why do you need PIERCE’s VaxMate? Read on to learn more.

How much do you have invested when you work cattle? Buying vaccines, veterinary supplies, gathering the cattle, hiring help and everything else that goes along with it. If you’re going through all the trouble to protect your cattle from parasites, disease and sickness it’s in your best interest to protect your investment. We suggest adding PIERCE’s VaxMate to your vet supplies.

PIERCE’s VaxMate Top Selling Points:

– Keeps your syringes cool, clean, and out of the sun while loaded with vaccine or medicine. Syringes get very hot when left out in the sun.

– The ideal temp to store your vaccines is between 35.6-44.6 degrees Fahrenheit.


– VaxMate sounds an alarm if the internal temperature goes above or below the manually set temperature. The alarm can be set to trigger at different temperatures depending on the needs of the vaccine.

– Durable construction will protect your vaccines and medicine.

– The VaxMate sets up easily beside your cattle chute for quick vaccinations.

IMG_7244-499200-edited.jpgphoto credit Dr. Ron Gill

– Stainless steel instrument tray and syringe holders constructed for durability and sanitation.

– VaxMate will help you properly handle your vaccines and keep them as effective as possible.


VaxMate is affordable and effective. If VaxMate saves one cow or calf it pays for itself several times. Click below to find your dealer and invest in your herd with a VaxMate today!

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