Pierce PS20000 Winch Install on a Predator Bumper

Watch Pierce install a PS20000 winch on a Predator bumper. Take a look at how to install* both the bumper and Pierce winch. Please note, the directions for a diesel might differ from a gas truck.

Step 1 – Disconnect the fog lights.

Disconnect the factory fog light harness located on the driver’s side of the factory bumper. Remove the dust cover.

Step 2 – Remove the bolt straps.

Gas: Remove the bolt straps holding factory bumper to the frame and set aside.

Diesel: Remove the bolts holding the top of the intercooler. After removing the intercooler bolts remove the bolts from the bolt strap on the factory bumper

Step 3 – Remove the bumper and set aside.

Save the factory fog light wiring.

Step 4 – Install Predator frame brackets.

Gas: Install Predator frame brackets to the truck frame utilizing factory holes, and factory 18 mm bolt straps.

Diesel: Reinstall the intercooler bolts. Install predator frame brackets to the truck frame using the factory 18mm bolt straps

Step 5 – Lift and secure the Predator bumper.

Lift and secure new Predator bumper to frame brackets installed in step 4. Four tiny bolts. Be sure to adjust bumper to fit the lines of the truck by moving the bumper up and down and side to side. The oval slots on the brackets are slotted in opposite directions to allow maximum fit adjustment. The receiver tube is an optional accessory. The mounting holes are pre-drilled mount and screw with the provided bolts.

Step 6 – Install new fog lights provided.

Mount to the round brackets on the new Predator bumper. Bracket tabs may need to be squeezed together for a tighter fit.

Step 7 – Wire fog lights to factory wiring harness.

We used solder sleeve butt connectors. Zip tie all your wires.

Step 8 – Place PS20000 on the Predator winch plate.

Bolt the winch to the plate. Secure the wire rope.

Step 9 – Match the mount to Predator frame.

With the help of a friend or two lift the winch plate and secure with provided bolts. Install the tow shackles, tighten your bolts and install the D ring.

Step 10 – Install the roller guide.

Remove the spring clip on one roller. Once the thimble is threaded through the roller guide, bolt the guide to the plate; return the roller and the spring clip. Install the safety hook to the end of the thimble.

Step 11 – Safety cut-off switch wiring.

We recommend using a PS025 safety cut off switch for emergencies. To operate the winch the switch must be engaged. To disconnect power to the winch the switch must be disengaged. The connections to the switch are both positive. One is routed to the battery and the other to the winch.

Step 12 – Ground wire installation.

A good ground wire connection is important when installing winches. Connect the ground wire to the winch motor and route to the battery. Zip-tie all your connections. Connect the positive and negative lines to the battery.

Step 13 – Remove the factory bumper supports.

One last note: You can remove the factory bumper supports. Also trim the plastic inner fender liner to match the new bumper lines.

Watch the installation video below:

*This is intended to be an installation overview, not an exact step by step process. Before you begin read the manual directions, and follow all the safety precautions. Do not install this winch if you do not have the expertise or equipment. It is better to find a licensed converter than to put your equipment or self in danger.

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