PIERCE Cattle Siren FAQ’s

The cattle siren is one of many PIERCE products making life on your farm or ranch easier. We often get calls from folks who have never heard of the PIERCE cattle siren, they’ve been honking their horns and ringing bells to call in cattle for feeding. Here we answer the most frequently asked questions about PIERCE cattle sirens.

Q. Do I need the standard or the heavy duty cattle siren?

A. There are a few differences in the standard and heavy duty sirens that may sway your decision. You can read all about it here in our article “Which Cattle Siren is Right for You?”

Q. Where should I mount the cattle siren?

A. It can be mounted to a car, truck, SUV, ATV, UTV or tractor (not recommended for bicycles). The siren can be mounted anywhere. A few things to keep in mind are keeping it away from tires, and places where low lying truess or brush could damage it. For more read our article: “Installing the PIERCE cattle siren.”

Q. How are the diminesions of the PIERCE standard and heavy duty cattle siren?

A. Standard – 6.13″ x 5″ x 5″  |  Heavy Duty – 6.33″ x 4.5″ x 4.5″

Q. How far does the siren sound travel?

A. There are a number of variables to consider when answering this question. Wind, weather, terrain, and other factors will contribute to how far the sound travels. Read on for how loud the cattle siren is.

Q. How loud is the cattle siren?

A. The standard cattle siren sounds is at 105 db. The heavy duty siren sounds in at 135 db. To give you an idea of how loud that is standing a few feet away from a power mower comes in at 107 db while a jet engine from 100 feet away is 140 db.

Q. How do I maintain the cattle siren?

A. Occasionally check to make sure there is no debris in the fan by carefully inspecting the PIERCE cattle siren. Read more maintenance tips here.

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