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PIERCE Bale Spike FAQs

Hay spears (also known as bale spikes) are an efficient and cost effective way to haul hay. In the farm and ranch setting a bale spike is an effective way to move bales. Take a look at the top 11 bale spike questions we receive about our hydraulic bale spear mover the PIERCE bale spikes.

Q. What is the weight limit of Pierce bale spikes? A. PIERCE bale spikes have a lifting capacity of 2,500 lbs. NOTE: Picking up bales wider than the rear opening of your truck bed may result in truck damage.

Q. What is the difference between the ABS1K and ABS2K? A. The ABS1K hay spear installs directly over a gooseneck ball, in comparison the ABS2K bolts into the truck bed so you can haul trailers while the spike is mounted. Both units come equipped with removable bale spears.

Q. How is the Pierce ABS1K installed? If you choose the ABS1K you must have a gooseneck ball on the back of your bed. Remove your tailgate. Place the bale spike in the bed making sure the square tubing rests over the gooseneck ball and the angle iron frame is against the rear of the truck bed. Tighten the provided collar against the gooseneck ball. The bale spike is light enough to be team lifted out of the bed. We recommend a Pierce chain hoist for single person installation and removal.

Click this line to read the ‘PIERCE ABS1K Installation Overview’ article.

Q. How are the Pierce ABS2K bale spikes installed?

Before installing the bolt in spike remove your tailgate. The crossmember must be bolted to the bed between 33″ – 56″ from the rear of the bed. Use half inch grade eight bolts to secure the spike to the bed and top frame flange. Slide the provided rectangular tubing through the crossmember collars until the angle iron rests against the rear of the bed. Tighten the bolts to complete the installation.

Click this line to read the ‘PIERCE ABS2K Installation Overview’ article. 

Q. How long will my bale spike hold up?

With proper maintenance, a 20 year life could be expected. We routinely service PIERCE bale spikes manufactured in the early 90’s.

Q. How long is the spike’s lift cycle? 

Fifteen to 20 seconds is normal.

Q. Where do I mount the pump?

The pump comes installed on the driver’s side of the bale spike, included, as well, is a pump cover for added protection.

Q. What kind of hydraulic fluid do you recommend using? 

We recommend either Dexron or type F automatic transmission fluid. A lightweight hydraulic fluid also works. We do not recommend using universal tractor fluid in winter weather.

Q. How often should I maintain the pump?

The pump requires various activities to keep your pump running smoothly. To read more about maintaining your bale spike check out our article “Bale Spike Maintenance Checklist.”

Q. I’ve noticed the pump runs slower in winter. What should I do?

In freezing weather, moisture can block the intake screen inside the pump tank, to avoid this clean the pump’s filters and change the fluid to eliminate crystallization.

Q. Where are PIERCE bale spikes made?

Our shop is located in Henrietta, Texas where we assemble, weld and service our bale spikes.

You may have more questions about hydraulic bale spikes, and we are here to help. Contact us or find your dealer for more about PIERCE bale spikes. 

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