Pierce ABS2K Bale Spike Installation Overview

PIERCE bale spike installation overview on a Chevrolet truck.

Frame Installation

Step 1 – We have determined that we are going to drill in front of the rear axle through the top flange of the frame. It’s a box frame so we only have two choices. Drill completely through the frame or drill into a pocket a round circular cross member that is located in front of the rear axle and that is what we have decided to do.

Step 2 – Measure from the rear of the bed to the center location of where we are going to drill. Then, measure center to center on our frame to find the center of the bed measure out from that point. Make those locations correspond inside the bed to the location under the bed by measuring both places. It’s much easier to do with two people.

Step 3 – We use no less than 2 (two) 1/2” (half inch) grade 8 bolts when attaching the bale spike to the frame. To make the holes, you will see we begin by drilling a pilot hole with a ¼” bit. We always use nylock self-locking nuts on our bolts. That way if they were ever to work loose they would never detach from the truck.

Electrical Connections 

Step 1 – Drill 2 (two) 3/4” (three quarter) inch holes using a hole saw in the side of the bed. Make them approximately 1 (one) inch apart. This particular installation on this late model Chevrolet the battery is located on the passenger side at the firewall. Therefore we have mounted the connector on the passenger side of the truck.

Step 2 – Feed the electrical cables through the plastic grommet that comes supplied with the kit. You can use the self-drilling, and self-tapping screws that are supplied with the kit to fasten the gray connector to the side of your bed.

Step 3 – The remote control already has a 15 (fifteen) foot cord that is already wired onto the bale spike. We run that around through the passenger door. Sort the cables out and make sure they do not have any knots or loops in them. Pull them out straight to make sure they are not twisted. Tape the two ends together it makes it much easier.

NOTE: Be very sure to stay clear of exhaust, drive shaft or any moving parts that are underneath the truck. Be aware that the cab is mounted on rubber so it will move around a little bit. The cord need to be securely fastened with zip ties to the frame from front to back every 12 to 15 Inches.

Step 4 – The installation kit comes with terminal connectors for the end of the cables. Cut the cables off to the required length, strip back the insulation, and crimp the cables onto the connectors. Connect the positive cable to the positive post first. Next connect the negative cable to the battery and the negative cable to the post.

With your bale spike installed, you’re ready to feed your hungry herd.

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