Meet Mark Gutierrez 2015 Pierce “Pulling For You” Scholarship winner.

The 2015 Pierce “Pulling For You essay scholarship” winner Mark Gutierrez is in his second semester at Howard College. We caught up with him in between classes and his afternoon job at a local supermarket.

Q. Do you have any advice for those writing their essay for this year’s $2,500 FFA “Pulling For You” essay scholarship?

The entire essay was about my upbringing with two brothers, and a single mom. It was kind of hard to write because it brought up memories that weren’t so joyful, so it was difficult.

I think the best thing to do is get anyone and everyone who knows what they are doing to help you edit it, that’s my advice to others. I had my librarian read it and advise me and my ag teacher also looked and helped me edit.

Q. Did you always plan to go to college?

My junior year I was not set on going to college. I have six brothers, three went to college and dropped out within the first yearl. I thought I would probably do the same thing. I was originally going to go to TSTC in Sweetwater for a jumpstart in the oil business. They didn’t have the teachers so I transferred to Howard. I am working towards a business degree.

Q. How did winning the scholarship affect your higher education choices?

When I got the scholarship it was the first step to trying to get more and knowing that it was real. It sealed the deal and made me go get more scholarships. I will be the first person in my family to finish college.

Q. How is school going?

School is definitely something I’ve had to get used to. It’s different from high school I could go most days without a pen or pencil and in college I have to stay on top of things. Plu,s I have a full time job 3-11 at the grocery store. So I do most of my homework late at night, it has given me an opportunity to love learning. Balancing work and school has been the hardest thing for me.

We looked forward to keeping up with Mark, his milestones and accomplishments in the coming years. For more information on the “Pulling For You” FFA essay scholarship click below.

Pierce "Pulling For You" FFA scholarship


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