How will having a dump kit help on my farm or ranch?

Earlier this year we had a situation. It had been raining for days and there was a knee deep hole underneath the feed bin where the feeders are kept before they go to sale. Normally, we would just move the bin to a different location in the corral; but, the farther into the pen you would get the deeper and nastier the “mud mixture” would be.

We finally decided the best course of action would be to use the tractor to scoop up some caliche, put it under the feeder, and fill the holes until it dried out enough to be able to move it. The problem is, the tractor doesn’t fit through the gate that’s closest to the bin. With the turns and size of the tractor, it’s just not worth it. We had two options – either wheel barrel it in there and probably fall down in the mixture, or we could use a dump kit installed onto the truck. 

By utilizing a dump kit we could easily get the caliche into the truck bed and backed up right where it needed to be. Even if you can’t get directly under the bin this way, you can get it pretty close and rake it up the rest of the way.

Having this option on your farm or ranch makes sense in any type of weather. 

Wondering whether or not a dump kit, dump truck or dump insert is right for you? Download our Dump Kit Comparison Guide below:

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