How to Test The Solenoid on your PIERCE Winch 1976 – 2011

How to test the solenoid on my PIERCE winch circa 1976-2011. This article outlines instructions for testing the solenoid. Use the photo and accompanying directions to test your winch solenoid.


1. Make sure the winch is properly grounded. Click here to read “How to Keep your Winch Grounded”.

2. Make sure you have a good 12V source hooked to #1.

3. Make sure #3 and #4 have continuity.

4. Using a jumper wire jump from #1 to #5. Once you do this post #2 should have 12 volts.

5. While jumping from #1 to #5, posts #3 and #4 should lose continuity.

6. If all of this works properly your solenoid is good. If not your solenoid needs to be replaced.

Replacement Options:

1. P0375 (x2) 12V

2. P0375 (x2) 24V

3PSCSP (solenoid new style contact switch)

4. PS528C-N (round compact solenoid assembly)

note ~ No terminals should have a ground connected to them


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