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FFA Ag Mechanic Project Ideas

FFA ag mechanic projects must demonstrate a number of proficiencies. PIERCE has DIY products that will showcase the talents and abilities of your team. The DIY bale spike or the DIY dump kit could be an excellent option for your next project.

These products cover many of the requirements of your LDE’s and CDE’s. In the case of your LDE, having a working knowledge of a bale spike or dump kit could help you with the Agricultural Demonstration portion. For CDE’s, these ideas could cover multiple areas; but, today we are going to focus on Agriculture Technology and Mechanical Systems.

PIERCE Bale Spikes

PIERCE bale spike

Bale spikes look quite a bit like a medieval jousting stick attached to the back of your truck. However, they are far from it. Attaching the spike to a truck, you are able to move a round bale to your preferred location. Hay could be dropped into a round bale feeder for feeding your livestock (if using the ABS3K and Ranger Gate hay cradle) or used to properly stack the bales to protect them from the environment. Mainly, the bale spike is used during feeding season.

DIY bale spike kit
PIERCE created a DIY bale spike, part number 163 (see the image to the left), for those who have the metal available to make their own spike but need the electric and hydraulic components. It can also be used for ag mechanics projects. Students would need cutting, welding and wiring skills to complete this project.

·  To view the bale spike manual, click here.

PIERCE Dump Kits

dump kit

Dump kits can be used in a variety of settings. They are used to haul and dump materials such as rocks, gravel, dirt, sand, hay, etc. Possibly demonstrate by loading a few bales of alfalfa or hay into the truck bed. Dump the contents by engaging the toggle switch, wired remote or wireless control system.

dump kit partsIf you decide to install a 2T, 5T or 7.5T dump kit, it’s important to note that this project is for an experienced student and could take over a dozen man hours to complete. The student would have to be proficient in wiring, cutting, welding and mechanical skills.

·  To view the 2T install overview video, click here.

·  To download the 2T manual, click here.

·  To view the three-part video series 5T install, click here.

·  To download the 5T and 7.5T manual, click here.

By incorporating a PIERCE product into your project, you will catch the judge’s eye and develop your technical skills. Our bale spikes and dump kits are made in Texas and our team includes many former FFA members. Your competition will wonder why they didn’t think of something so great!

These are just a few ideas for using a bale spike or dump kit to help your FFA project win state. What projects are you tackling this year? Comment on our Facebook page at

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