Cattle Cube Counter: Installation, Wiring, and Operation

The PIERCE Cattle Cube Counter installation is simple. There are (2) supplied brackets which you will install on each side of the display.  Each bracket has three (3) holes for mounting. The display was designed with ease of installation in mind. Read on for step by step instructions to install, wire, and operate your cattle cube counter:



1. (2 – 4) #10 1/2″ screws

2. 5 mm hex key wrench



Step 1. Use the 1/2″ screws to attach the brackets with tabs pointed inward or outward, depending on preference. The length will be determined by installation requirements.

Step 2. Tighten the socket cap screws on the side of the counter display with a 5 mm hex key wrench.

Step 3. Brackets can be pivoted to mount the display under the dash, or turned down to mount on top of a surface (i.e., dash, floorboard, etc.).PSDCK_8_WEB

PSDCK_cattle cube counter


Step 1. Located the two (2) wires. One is brown and the other is blue.

Step 2. The blue wire is the chassis ground connection.  Install the blue wire to any clean secure ground.

Step 3. The brown wire is for 12 VDC power. We recommend wiring the brown to an accessory source that is only powered when the ignition is in the “ON” position. This will ensure that the counter only has power when the vehicle is on, saving the battery from any possible drain.

The built-in internal memory will keep the count for you. On the back of the display is a fuse holder containing a 15 amp 125 V fuse.



The sensor must be mounted within a 5 mm clearance of the striker plate. Installation greater than 5 mm can give incorrect readings and/or missed trips. Also, the striker plate or metal must not hit the sensor. The striker plate must have 1″ of surface area passing the sensor to get an accurate reading. 

Step 1. Select the prime spot for your counter. Drill out a 9/16″ diameter hole.  

Step 2. Insert the sensor into the hole. Use the provided bolt to secure the sensor.


The sensor is pre-wired with a 3-pin connector for easy hook-up.

Step 1. Simply route the wire from the sensor to the back of the display and plug it in to the 3-pin receptacle.

Step 2. Secure by twisting the coupling ring clockwise.



1. When the feeder door is opened, it will return to its resting position and the sensor will see that the door is shut and give the display readout a count of 0001.

2. Upon the second trip, the door will open again. When the feeder door is returned to its resting position, it will now give a display readout of 0002.

3. When you wish to return the count back to 0000 push the white reset button on the top right-hand side of the counter display.

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