Which dump bed kit will fit my truck?

by Anthony Fairchild on 5/18/15 10:46 AM

hydraulic dump kitSo, you're considering buying a hydraulic dump bed kit. Now the question is, "which dump bed kit will fit my truck?"

PIERCE dump kits come in three sizes. The 2, 5, and 7.5 ton dump hoist kits convert your plain Jane truck into a workhorse ready to haul and dump. Choosing the right kit starts with considering the following dump bed kit questions:

2T DIY PIERCE Hydraulic Dump Kit

Before deciding if a 2T works for you, remember these kits are typically used with stock bed. 

pierce arrow dump kit


The make, model and year of your truck effects the type of kit that will fit. Though we offer a dozen kit options, some trucks will not work due the way the bed is manufactured. 


It's important to understand the weight limitations of your truck before choosing a diy dump kit. These limitations will effect how much gravel, dirt, mulch, etc your truck can haul. 


Find your truck's G.V.W.R. or gross vehicle weight rating and G.C.W.R. or gross combination weight rating. These are ratings are set by the auto maker. You can usually find your trucks information located on a sticker on the inside of the drivers side door or in the owner's manual. For an in depth look at GVWR we suggest this article from "How Stuff Works".


If you are considering converting your truck yourself it's important to be fully aware of what's involved. Click here for an overview of the installation steps. If you'd rather find a conversion shop to add the dump kit, click here for an article that explains the type of shop to look for.


Now that you've nailed down your truck type, application, weight rating and if you'd like to convert the kit yourself, click the dump kit chart with all the options:

[Click here for our dump kit fit chart.] 



If you have a truck that needs to be converted into a dump truck but the 2T won't fit your application, add a flat bed and a 5T or 7.5T kit instead. Continue reading to learn more about our heavier duty option.


5 or 7.5 Ton Hydraulic Dump Kit

Installed on flatbed trucks, the 5 or 7 ton dump kits take 1-2 days to install but offer heavier lift capacities. Please note: this kit cannot be installed on trucks filled with an OEM gooseneck built into the frame. To reach optimal capacity and lift, continue reading:


dump kit

When reaching maximum lift and dump capacity, it's important to consider the following:


Pierce 5 and 7.5 T dump kits can fit on 8' - 12' long flat beds. 


When completing the installation, make sure you have a minimum of 6 inches between the end of the truck frame and the bed (i.e the example below shows 12" between the end of the frame and the rear hinges). This measurement will ensure that you have enough room to install the rear hinges. 

dump kit overhang


Desired bed height and lift capacity are determined by the placement of the crossmember. Chassis construction may dictate crossmember location.

5T kit overhang and bed length table:

  8' Bed 10' Bed 12' Bed
0" 4.75T 3.75T 3T
12" 5T 4.75T 3T
24" - 5T 4.75T
36" - - 5T

7.5T kit overhang and bed length table:

  8' Bed 10' Bed 12' Bed
0" 7T 6.5T 6T
12" 7.5T 7T 6.5T
24" - 7.5T 7T
36" - - 7.5T

Still wondering if a dump kit conversion is right for you? Download our dump kit comparison guide. We compare dump kits, trailers, and trucks to determine the right fit for you:
dump kit comparison guide
If you know which kit fits and are ready to purchase your dump kit let us help you Find Your Dealer!

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