What is a Dump Hoist Kit?

by Anthony Fairchild on 5/15/15 1:59 PM

PIerce Dump Kit Vintage

A dump bed kit is a truck conversion option that enables the bed of your truck to dump its load.

A dump bed kit uses a hydraulic hoist, effectively turning your truck into a dump truck. You would think this conversion would be difficult and expensive. PIERCE dump hoist kits are DIY, and start out around $1,400.

A hydraulic dump bed kit is a cost effective way to turn your truck into a workhorse overnight. The dump bed kit comes in a Stock Bed, Light Duty and Medium Duty. The Stock Bed kit does not alter the look of your truck. The Light Duty and Medium Duty kits require the use of a new bed (flat or dump style). The dump kit is also popular among conversionist. The kit is a unique addition to your truck.

PIERCE dump kits are made in the USA and allow the user to dump the bed via a toggle switch mounted in the truck's dash. The switch activates the 12V Bucher pump. The kit's scissor assembly lifts the bed up to a 45-degree angle, gravity pushes the load of the bed to the ground. When you are ready for the bed to come back down, gravity will push the bed in place. A power down pump option is available if quicker turnaround times are necessary.

Is a dump bed kit conversion right for you? Download our dump kit comparison guide. It compares dump bed kits, trailers, and trucks to determine the right fit for you. 

dump kit comparison guide


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