What fluid goes in my pump?

by The PIERCE Team on 5/6/15 8:00 PM

If you use a Pierce product, you probably have a Bucher pump or Monarch pump also. Pierce uses hydraulics pumps for assemblies like the dump kit and bale spike. We suggest changing the hydraulic fluid in your pump yearly.

monarch pump

How do I know what fluid goes in my pump?

First let's look at the types of hydraulic fluid:

Type 1: Dextron 3 Automatic Transmission Fluid

Dextron 3 is red and is a little thinner than hydraulic fluid. It is used in northern regions since it works well in colder conditions. Purchase Dextron 3 at most auto part stores.

Type 2: AW46 Hydraulic Fluid

AW46 is a gold clear color and has a thick consistency. The consistency helps the fluid resist thinning out in the heat. AW46 is used in warmer climates. This also can be purchased at most local auto parts stores.

Special considerations:

It's very important you don't mix the two types of fluids. The fluid will gel together and cause damage to your pump. 

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