Using VaxMate in Freezing Temperatures; Proper Vaccine Storage and Handling

by The PIERCE Team on 1/11/18 3:08 PM
A customer who resides in colder climates asked, "what do you suggest putting inside VaxMate in the winter?"
PIERCE: Depends on how cold it gets. What temps are you dealing with?
Customer:  We are in Minnesota. Today's temps are warmer than usual and are in the 30-40s. Usually winter temps are zero or below.
VaxMate in below freezing temps
PIERCE: We are in Texas and it's typically 25-45 degrees here in the winter. For a cool day you can start off with a cold pack to get the temp inside VaxMate in the right range. For zero or below I've heard of people doing a few different things.
You have several options for retaining and creating heat in the VaxMate under below freezing conditions. Prepare the cooler to the desired temperature. A few options to prep the cooler include:
1. Heat packs
2. Warm towels
3. Bottle filled with warm water 
When using VaxMate vaccine cooler monitor the temperature by setting the gauge on the side according to the vaccine's instructions.
VaxMate temperature gauge
An alarm will sound when the temperature inside VaxMate gets out of the range you set. Insert hot packs if it falls below or out of the recommended range. You can set the temperature gauge on the side. Click here for the manual.
Customer: Awesome. We will do that. Thanks so much!!
PIERCE: Glad to help.
According to a recent article in Grainews, Shannon Williams, University of Idaho extension agent suggests these guidelines for proper vaccine storage and handling in freezing conditions:
1. "Outside temperature of 36 F (about 2.5 C) no cold/hot source is needed.
2. Outside temperature of 29 F (1.5 C) two cups hot tap water in a glass canning jar will maintain a medium-sized cooler within the acceptable temperature range for 4.5 hours.
3. Outside temperature of 13 F (-10.5 C) two cups hot tap water in a glass canning jar will maintain a medium-sized cooler within the acceptable temperature range for three hours."
Learn more about solving common issues with livestock vaccine. Click below to download the infographic.
Livestock Vaccines_Common_Issues_and_Solutions_Download

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