Troubleshooting your Pump: Could it be Rust?

by The PIERCE Team on 3/28/17 12:06 PM

Why is there rust in my pump?How do I fix my pump? Could it be rust? If your bale spike or dump kit isn't working it could be rust in the pump. After installing and using the dump kit or bale spike it may sit for an extended period of time. The motor contains a small weep hole. Depending on the weather in your area and where you're storing your equipment the motor can retain condensation and cause rust.

How to get rid of rust in your pump:

While you may have to replace it if the rust has moved to the brushes and springs, there is a good chance a thorough cleaning will get your equipment running.

First: Disassemble the pump and clean off the rust. Use an emery cloth or steel wool to gently remove the rust.

Second: Reassemble and test the equipment. If your equipment still isn't working, you probably need to replace the motor.


To avoid rust in your pump:

Turn on your dump kit or bale spike every other month and use the remote, or button to work the hydraulic pump a few times. This will keep the inner workings moving and ensure any built up moisture is being dealt with.

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