Top Pierce Hay Bale Unroller FAQs

by T. Pierce on 9/16/15 12:23 PM

hay bale unrollerThe Pierce hay bale unroller is a sturdy piece of equipment that will unroll 4 ft., 5 ft., or 6 ft. hay bales. Crafted in Henrietta, Texas this three point attachment is easy to install and operate. 

Let's take a look the top Pierce hay bale unroller FAQs:

Does the unit come with cylinder and hoses? Yes. It comes with a 2" x 12" tie rod cylinder, hydraulic connections including 1/2" female breakaway coupler and PIONEER quick connects. 

Does the unit have PIONEER quick connects? Yes 

Does the unit have greased bolts and or grease fitting at all moving points? Yes. Grease zerks are found at all moving points. 

Does the unit easily hookup to the quick tractor connect that are popular? We are currently testing this.

Will we have replacement parts available? Yes 

Will the unit hook up to both Cat 1 / Cat 2? Yes 

Will the unit pick up 4’,5’, and 6’ bales? Yes 

Will the unit roll the whole bale out without waste? The solid “core” will be left (most farmers/ranchers will find a way to feed this as well).

What is the weight capacity of the unit? 2,500 lbs.

What kind of grease do I use? We recommend multipurpose grease (RED)

How often should you grease? Every 3 months

How do I hook up the hydraulic connections? Plug the male into the ½” female breakaway coupler 

What are the sizes of the hydraulic connections? ½” breakaway coupler (3,000 PSI)

Will we drop ship direct to the dealer? Yes

How much would the freight be? Cotact your nearest dealer to determine frieght. Prices will vary by location. 

What is the warranty? 1 year


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