The PIERCE Warranty Process and FAQ's

by T. Pierce on 6/20/17 3:31 PM

bigstock-Warranty-D-Gold-Badge-With-Re-100253063_Converted.pngWhen a piece of equipment doesn't work productivity is compromised. At PIERCE we understand and relate to this issue. That's why it's important to us to get your equipment working quickly and efficiently.

Whether it's contacting the correct person to trouble shoot your problem, or sending back a product under warranty. This article answers questions about the PIERCE warranty process.

Q. How do I warranty my PIERCE product?

A. Fill out the online form to warranty your PIERCE product.

  • Click here to fill out the warranty form. 
  1. A PIERCE expert will contact you regarding your product issue to trouble shoot, and fix your problem. If the issue cannot be resolved product replacement may be an option.
  2. If the product is deemed to be under warranty PIERCE will warranty all parts and labor.
  3. If product is not under warranty or no fault found, the customer will be responsible for return freight for product.


Q. Who do I go to for warranty? PIERCE or the dealer? A. You can contact PIERCE or the dealer to begin the warranty process.

Q. How is the warranty verified if the equipment is not sold through PIERCE? A. You must provide proof of purchase from your PIERCE dealer. If you do not have a receipt we will do our best to work with you to verify your purchase. 

Q. Will PIERCE prorate a warranty? A. The PIERCE warranty cannot be prorated.

Q. Do I have to return the product in order to receive warranty? A. Yes, If proof of purchase is supplied, and all conditions of the warranty are met. The product is returned and a replacement will be sent to you. 

Q. I cannot prove the date I purchased the product. Will you still warranty it? A. Even if you cannot prove your purchase we will work with you to get your equipment working. We cannot replace equipment without proper proof of purchase.

Q. Can I submit a warranty issue online? A. Yes! Click here to fill out the warranty form. A member of our team will contact you! 

Q. Who do I talk to so I can get this handled in a timely manner? A. Our technical service manager is Anthony Fairchild.

Q. Who pays for the shipping to and from PIERCE? A. You are responsible the the cost of shipping to PIERCE. If the product is determined to be under warranty by PIERCE all parts, labor and the return of the product will be completed by PIERCE.

Q. Does PIERCE offer extended warranties? A. No, PIERCE does not offer extended warranties. 

Q. Is the warranty transferrable? A. The PIERCE warranty of non transferrable. 

Q. When does the warranty start? When I buy it or when the dealer buys it? A. The warranty period begins when you purchase the product from the dealer. 

Q. Where do we send the product to? A. Send the product to:

PIERCE Sales 249 US Highway 287 South, Henrietta, Texas 763

Q. Will my equipment get repaired or replaced? A. If the equipment can be repaired it will be repaired.  

Q. How long is the warranty for? A. The PIERCE limited liability warranty is valid one year from date of purchase. 

Q. What will void my warranty? A. Any improper use of the equipment will void the warranty. 

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