Thank you first responders!

by T. Pierce on 9/8/17 1:33 PM

Boots, BDUs, undershirts, ID tags, and a bible are all packed in a tan rucksack. Dad is ready to go on his deployment. This is a familiar scene for many and one that I think of often when I read the news and think of soldiers heading to war, serving the nation and putting others first.

For a solider, it’s what you do. It’s what your family does. Putting others first is always the mission. The first responder shares this mission but is often overlooked and under appreciated. While we clap for soldiers during Veteran’s Day we often forget about the fire fighters, doctors, nurses and police who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to help their community.

To encourage our first responders who are deploying to South Texas after hurricane Harvey’s destruction, PIERCE and the Henrietta ISD signed PIERCE coolers with encouraging messages to the Wichita Falls Fire Department.

As you pack up your boots and PIERCE cooler and head to South Texas please know we are so grateful and we're pulling for you. Take a look at our photos and video below >

Wichita Falls Fire Department with a donation from Henrietta ISD and PIERCE

Wichita Falls FD collect the PIERCE coolers and HID spotlights.

Henrietta ISD student writes a message to Harvey responders

Henrietta Bearcat cheerleaders are encouraging first responders.

Henrietta ISD students

Students from ages 5 to 18 sign four PIERCE coolers.

Hurricane Harvey relief with Henrietta ISD

Even parents get involved during school pick up.

Texas FFA Cooler and Henrietta ISD

The elementary, middle and high school all signed one cooler each.

signing coolers for the Wichita Falls Fire Department

Henrietta ISD and PIERCEHenrietta ISD, PIERCE and WFPD

Ms. Lennon (Vice principal), Ms. Bennett (Principal) and Ms. Gunter (Councilor) from HES help load the coolers.

Wichita Falls Fire Department

Delivering the coolers to the Wichita Falls FD.




Thank you to all of Henrietta for participating! No matter the situation or natural disaster we are so grateful for our first responders nationwide.



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