Pump Maintenance

by Anthony Fairchild on 3/31/18 1:28 PM

Maintain your Bucher DC hydraulic pump. Follow this timeline and instructions to ensure properly working equipment. 



Pump Maintenance Timeline
Every Two (2) Months:
  1. All ground connections should be inspected. Remove any corrosion rust. 
  2. Battery cable connections should be inspected for corrosion.
  3. All electrical connections at power unit should be inspected for corrosion and cleanliness. Check tightness of nuts on motor stud and motor solenoid.

Every Three (3) Months:

  1. Oil level and fluid condition should be checked. 

Every Six (6) Months:

  1. Inspect condition of all electrical wiring. Wire should be free from cracks or damage to insulation.
  2. Inspect condition of filler/breather cap. If foam is missing or dirty replace the cap.
Every Year:
  1. Oil should be changed yearly.


If you suspect that your pump needs more attention, review the following articles:


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