Greasing your Pierce PS654 Series Winch

by S. Heacock on 1/7/16 4:00 PM

Questions about applying grease to your PS654 winch? Read on or watch the video below.

Improper Grease and Results:

greasing your winch

If you don’t grease your clutch properly, your winch may fail. This one has been sitting with no grease. You’ll notice the grease insert is actually broken. If that ever happens you need to replace it so you can grease it. Also, when it’s broken it allows a lot of the elements to get in there and it will get ruined or freeze up a lot quicker.

greasing your winch

You’ll notice this handle moves just a little bit. That’s the handle moving on the shaft. The shaft will not move itself. Remove the bolts and loosen the frame from its mounting. Just slide it off. You can see the inside is completely rusted. You can replace it or you can try soaking it using a good penetrating anti-seize. Most of the time in our experience when rust is this prevelant they will have to be replaced.

Housing Replacement and Winch Grease:

greasing your winch

The new housing will come dry. You will see it does move but it’s just metal on metal. Before it’s installed, apply wheel bearing grease or any good grade grease to the following parts:

  • Dog
  • Yoke
  • Both grease zerks
  • Visible metal around the shaft

greasing your winch

When you’re putting the housing on, make sure the teeth line up with the groove and then raise it up so that the shaft sits in the inside hole. Now your Pierce 654 winch is ready to work!

This is just an overview for how-to properly grease your Pierce PS654 winch, watch our video for more:

Please note: This is intended to be an overview, not an exact step-by-step process. Before you begin read the manual directions, and follow all the safety precautions.


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