PS654 Replacement Solenoid Installation

by S. Heacock on 1/8/16 4:00 PM

Pierce solenoid replacementLearn how-to install the can-style solenoid* to the Pierce PS654 electric worm gear winch. You will need two solenoids to complete this solenoid replacement. Click here for the video version of this guide.


* (P0375 12V click here to order) or (P0375 24V click here to order)

Diagnosing Your Issue

Run the remote. One or both of the solenoids could require replacement, if you’ve got good power, it’s clicking in both directions and your motor is turning one way. If there is no clicking, it’s definitely a solenoid issue. 

Removing The Wiring

Before removing the wires, mark the wire location or take a picture to make the re-wiring process easier. There are 5 (five) Allen head bolts that will need to be removed. Use a long Allen wrench. After loosening the bolts so that they will come off easily, remove the wires from the motor. You’ll notice we use a backup wrench on the bottom nut that will keep the terminal from turning inside the motor. You don’t want to do that. If your motor is good and the terminal starts spinning, you’re going to break your contacts inside and ruin the motor.

After the wire is loose you can take the solenoid assembly away from the winch. Now, remove the cover so you can work on it. There are two solenoids they work off of each other and share both a power and armature wire. There are two independent field wires. It’s a good idea if you’re going to replace one, to go ahead and replace both of them. You will notice again we are using a backup wrench to keep that post from spinning inside of that solenoid.

Solenoid Installation

Click here for the wiring diagram. 

Step 1 – Bolt solenoids together.

Step 2 – Plug Wiring: F1.

Step 3 – Plug Wiring: F2.

Step 4 – Install Buss Bars.

Step 5 – Plug Wiring: 12V.

Step 6 – Motor Connections: 12V.

Step 7 – Motor Connections: F1.

Step 8 – Motor Connections: Armature.

Step 9 – Motor Connections: F2

Step 10 – Tighten all Connections.

Please note: This is intended to be an installation overview, not an exact step-by-step process. Before you begin read the manual directions, and follow all the safety precautions. Do not replace  if you do not have the expertise or equipment. It is better to find a licensed converter than to put your equipment or self in danger.

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