PIERCE's Spring Cooler Merchandising Ideas

by T. Pierce on 4/12/18 1:46 PM

If your store is like our local feed store you have an endless stream of customers buying cake, seed, tools and supplies. Who has time to think about merchandising a store with foot traffic, phone calls, email and family (right?)?

Here are several ideas to help you create a quick and easy PIERCE display:

IDEA #1 / Bring in the color.














                            BEFORE                                                     AFTER

To celebrate the colors of the season and the new cooler colors, we are bringing in flowers. Fresh or fake, flowers freshen up those dusty shelves and floors. We are borrowing some flowers from a friend whose log cabin is filled with fun finds, antiques and country decor. You may have access to a sunflower collection if your friends or neighbors have ever decorated a FFA banquet. If you merchandise in the summer just pick some from a neighboring pasture.


IDEA #2 / Use what you have. 



We've included a wooden spool that's leftover from our winch wire rope. Instead of letting this gem rot in the yard, we've given it new purpose to prop up the coolers. You can use items from other vendors in your store like feed tanks, galvanized buckets or fresh Burpee plants. Using what you have can help bring your customer to a section of the store they might not have noticed before and will save you money. You might consider using metal art if you stock them. I really like the sunflower and bluebonnet ones.


IDEA #3 / Here's your sign.




We printed 2' x 3' vinyl signs to bring the eye upward and tie in the flower / color theme. This two-sided poster shows Texas hay bales and wildflowers one side and another summer scene on the other (stay tuned for merchandising the fishing side in May). Let our team know if you'd like one for your store. Contact Eric at 940-538-5643 or email him at eric@piercearrowinc.com.


IDEA #4 / Share the news and bring 'em in.




Post your display on your social media accounts. Tag @piercearrowinc. Your post will help add to your newsfeed. We are excited to see your PIERCE cooler displays! 

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