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by The PIERCE Team on 7/13/15 4:30 PM

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'The tractor’s got lights.' I heard this constantly growing up from my grandfather. Like most people from a background in agriculture, I learned to work and work hard at an early age.  It was apparent early on that the work didn’t stop just because the sun wasn’t out.  My grandfather taught me this and if you work on a ranch, a farm, or just about any 'hands-on' type of work you understand exactly what I am saying.

PIERCE magnetic mount spotlights have countless applications that you can read about in the article “10 Reasons a Vehicle Spotlight comes in handy."  If you are looking to convince yourself, a friend, or your wife on why one is needed read below.


  • Wireless remote control
  • Mount to vehicle, rig, ATV, or UTV
  • 360-degree rotation and 120-degree tilt capability
  • Hard mount or magnetic mount to any flat metal surface
  • Plugs into 12 V auxiliary power outlets


  • Easy Installation, Magnetic or permanent mount
  • 360º Rotation, 120º Tilt, 2 speeds
  • Waterproof IP66


  • Farm and Ranch
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Security/Service
  • Contractors
  • Truck spotlight

The PIERCE spotlight is an excellent addition to your vehicle for all nighttime activites from ranching to camping.

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