PIERCE Fishing Kayak FAQ's

by S. Heacock on 7/25/17 9:30 AM

pierce kayakPIERCE fishing kayaks are sought after by the fishing and kayak enthusiast because it's ready to fish - no need to go out and spent more money on unneeded accessories. Ours even includes the pole! For more information about the included features and fishing kayak accessories read our FAQs:

Q. What is the kayak made of? Roto-molded plastic.

Q. What sizes/lengths does the kayak come in? PIERCE has a 10 foot kayak and a 13 foot kayak available. 

Q. What colors are available? The PIERCE kayak comes in black and white. 

Q. Which features and accessories come with the 13' kayak? The 13' kayak comes equipped with the following:

13' PIERCE kayak features 

1. Comfortable aluminum adjustable padded seat
2. Adjustable paddle work tray great for holding lures
3. Three (3) closed storage areas
4. Adjustable foot rests
5. Rubber scuppers plugs
6. Two (2) stationary pole holders
7. One (1) adjustable swivel pole holder
8. Carrying handles
9. Included adjustable paddle
10. Heavy duty rudder

Q. Which features and accessories come with the 10' kayak? The 10' kayak comes equipped with the following:

10' PIERCE kayak features

1. Comfortable adjustable padded seat
2. 2 dry wells
3. Dry bags
4. 2 Handles
5. D-rings
6. 4 flush mounted fishing rods that go deep enough to actually hold your rod.
7. Bungee storage that fits a 20 qt PIERCE cooler
8. Included adjustable paddle

Q. What other kayak accessories can I purchase? You can purchase replacement parts, and other accessories including a wall rack, trolley, anchor, extra rod holders, matching cooler, and 30 oz tumbler. Replacement parts include: Tray, scupper, plygon.

Q. How much does the kayak weigh? The PIERCE 10 foot fishing kayak weighs 80 pounds (shipping weight). The 13 foot fishing kayak weighs 100 pounds (shipping weight).

Q. What is the capacity of the kayak? The 13 ft kayak can carry/hold up to 440 pounds. The 10 ft kayak can carry/hold 330 pounds.

Q. Can I stand up and fish in the kayak? The 13 foot kayak requires you to be conscious about your balance when standing. When leaning over the kayak, once the handle hits the water you're going in.

Q. What are the kayaks dimensions? A. 10 ft kayak: length 116" x 30.7" x 15". 13 ft kayak: 155.5" x 33" x 15.75"


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