Pierce Dump Kits: Top selling points

by Anthony Fairchild on 7/28/15 12:30 PM

If you want your truck to work double duty as a dump truck or you're interested in having a unique conversion. The Pierce dump bed kit is a great fit for you.



We have three hydraulic dump bed kit options, the Stock Bed for factory beds, Light Duty and the Medium Duty for flatbeds. With many available remote options, it could be possible to let your truck unload your materials for you and your customers. Whether it's a backyard project or a valuable asset on the job site, Pierce dump bed kits are up to the task.  
If you think a Pierce hydraulic dump bed kit might be a good fit for you, check out some additional information regarding each design:

 Stock Dump Bed Kits product description:

  • Made in the USA
  • Convert you existing work trucks into a dump truck
  • Hidden conversion kit that mounts under the pick up bed
  • Haul gravel, dirt, sand, mulch, etc., in seconds
  • Powered by a 12V Bucher pump and engaged with a toggle switch
  • 45 degree dump angle
  • Technical service available during the installation process

Light Duty and Medium Duty Dump Bed kits product descriptions:

  • Dump kits, also known as dump hoist kits, convert your flat bed truck into a dump kit. Piece includes the steel, hardware, hydraulic, and electrical parts in these kits.
  • Kits for lifting 10' to 14' flat bed applications
  • 5 to 7.5T lifting 
  • Installation time? 1-2days
  • Made in Texas and GoTexan Approved


  • Landscaping
  • Farm and Ranch
  • Land Owners
  • Contractors
  • Grave Diggers
  • Forestry Service
  • Trailers
  • Light Construction


Wondering whether or not a dump kit, dump truck or dump insert is right for you? Download our Dump Kit Comparison Guide below:

 dump kit comparison guide



Looking for more?

The Pierce Arrow product catalog is chock full of info, FAQs and specs. Get yours by clicking below.

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