Pierce Cattle Cube Counter: Top Selling Points

by The PIERCE Team on 7/24/15 5:00 PM

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The cattle cube counter saves time and money on feed. Feed gets expensive during the winter months. The PIERCE cattle cube counter allows you to track how much and how many times feed is released from the hopper. Have peace of mind knowing how your feed budget will trend throughout all seasons. 

The PIERCE feed counter is for "cake" feeders. If you're in the market for a digital cube feeder counter check out the top reasons to purchase:


  • A cost effective solution to count the number of times the cube feeder opens and dispenses feed.
  • Wire the counter in the cab of the truck, wire the cylindrical sensor to the trip hopper and watch the LED screen illuminate the count.
  • The red button allows you to reset the count whenever you like.
  • The sensor is sensitive and will pick up the metal as a count when it waves past it.


  • Easy installation within the truck's cab
  • Two different sensor options (cylindrical/surface)
  •  Cost-effective counting solution
  • Universally fits all trip or auger cube feeders
  • Made in the USA
  • Digital screen with red LEDs for maximum visibility
  • Helps ranchers efficiently count feed to decrease waste
  • Eliminates having to count the number of times your feeder dumps


  • Farm and Ranch
  • Hay and Forage
  • Cattle
  • Manufacturing



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