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by Jeff Pierce on 6/16/17 5:26 PM

bale_spike_side_barWhat do all PIERCE dealers have in common? They're hardworking folks who know hardworking quality products. That's just one of the reasons they like doing business with us.

If you're considering becoming a PIERCE dealer but you still have a few questions, read on. Here, we answer frequently asked questions from our potential dealers.

PIERCE Dealer FAQ's:

Q. What kind of support can I expect from PIERCE on the Sales/Warranty side of things?

A. 100%. The PIERCE team stands behind our products and is willing to help with questions either with the dealer or answer questions for the customer. We understand that people buy locally so that they can be taken care of and we are willing to work with the dealer to help the customer. However, if it is more convenient for customer to come directly to PIERCE we will help them as well. We provide your customers with support. They can register their product for the manual, wiring diagram, and maintenance information. When product issues or warranty claims arise our team is ready to help. Your customer can fill out a form online or call directly.   

Q. What materials are available to help me sell PIERCE products?

A. PIERCE offers support in various ways such as personal phone support; easy to download manuals, specification sheets and wiring diagrams; and a YouTube video library with how-to and installation videos. 

If you require bulk printing for brochures, we are happy to add your company's contact information if the order is over 1,000 pieces. We offer all store fronts one free 2x2 vinyl banner. We can quickly ship PIERCE catalogs to your location at anytime. 

Our website also offers articles for you as a dealer and your customers to learn everything there is to know about your PIERCE product. Go to the Additional Resources tab to access. 

We encourage web stores to add links from our website to theirs for manuals, specification sheets, wiring diagrams and any other how to information that would be helpful to their customers. 
If you'd like information sent to your inbox regularly about PIERCE product updates and information click here to get our newsletter. 

Q. Do I have to stock product?

A. We strongly encourage our dealers to keep products in stock. It would be hard to sell if it is not readily available. Odd parts and items that don’t typically move quickly aren’t required but basic items that sell well should be kept on the shelf for serviceability to customers. 

Q. Does PIERCE drop ship?

A. Yes, we drop ship with no fees. This is a great advantage when selling larger products such as the dump kit or bale spike. We work with our smaller stores if they don't have room to stock these larger items. 

Q. How much does my first order need to be to get dealer or OEM pricing?

A. There is no set amount. We consider the area, project, etc. when setting pricing levels. After you fill out the dealer form a sales manager will contact you to discuss your needs.

Q. Is there a "buy-in" to become a dealer?

A. There is no set amount you must purchase to become a dealer. This is one of the advantages of becoming a PIERCE dealer. With no set amount to purchase your risk is alleviated.

Q. Are their sales minimums?

A. This depends on dealer location.

Q. How do I become a PIERCE dealer?

A. PIERCE makes becoming a dealer simple and straightforward. Here are the steps:

  1. Fill out dealer form
  2. Receive call from the sales manager
  3. Place order

PIERCE wants to mitigate your risk, while supporting your profitability. We do that through the following policies:

  • Excellent customer service
  • No buy-in amount
  • No territories
  • No stock requirements
  • Drop shipping available

You may have more questions or still aren't sure you want to make the leap and become a PIERCE dealer. We encourage you to contact us, order a catalog, or check out what one of our current dealers has to say about doing business with PIERCE.

 Jeff Pierce

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